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                      Freelancing Training Center in Comilla

Outsourcing is a contracting task between company to company or person to person. It is business process which is done through a third party. It can be a product or service. Outsourcing is an online outsourcing when it is done through online. Online outsourcing is a business between buyer and seller. Online outsourcing is very popular in Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshi freelancers working in the online marketplace. There are different types of online outsourcing job in online marketplaces such as Web design and development, Graphic design, Photoshop, Search engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Bloging, Article writing, 3D animation, etc.

Freelancing Training Center in Comilla

Comilla is a popular town in Bangladesh. It stands on the bank of Gumti river. The population of Comilla is 168378. This is a very large population, but they are very much educated. The literacy rate of the town is 60.3%. This educated population has an idea about Information Technology. Outsourcing is a very common word in Comilla town. They about outsourcing and freelancing. Many of the people want to be a successful freelancer now freelancing is a very independent job. We can do it from our home. We no need to go outside. We need a computer and an internet modem for freelancing.

Outsourcing is an excellent job, for this reason everywhere raising outsourcing training center. There is also growing several outsourcing training centers in Comilla. Training is very necessary to do freelancing. Without learning no one can stay online market place. Now there is very much competition in the online marketplace. So it is essential to know the proper skill about outsourcing. To get proper skill, we should take proper training from the training center. There are many training centers, but no one gives proper training. They take money from the students, but do not teach basic knowledge. For this reason students getting frustrated.

We have to find out the solution for this problem. We should find out proper training centers and to take training from these centers. Green IT Bd Comilla is one the ideal training center in Comilla town. They take proper care of their student and give teaching with carefully. They teach their students from the bottom of the topic. They learn their students how to enter in online marketplace, how to apply for the job, how to face job interview, how to talk with the buyer or deal with the buyer, how compete with others, what is the payment system of online marketplaces.

From above information we can say that outsourcing is very excellent and independent job. There are many people who don’t know about outsourcing. We should know them about it by advertising. As it is a home based job, it is helpful women. They can develop their career with outsourcing and contribute their family. We should inform our young generation about outsourcing. We should give them proper training. For this purpose, we should establish proper training centers and diminish fraud training center. It should be better if government takes the necessary steps.