Freelancing Opportunities in Comilla


Freelancing is an independent business process by which a person who is self-employed and not committed to particular work for a long time. Basically freelancing is an online job in the online marketplace. We can do it from our home, no need to go out if we have a computer and internet connection. There are different types of job in online marketplaces such as web design, graphic design, SEO, SMM, Blogging, article writing, WordPress, CSS, Data entry, Photoshop, Content Writing, Website Administration, etc. The popular online marketplaces are Odesk, Elance, Guru, people per hour, Fiverr, etc.

Freelancing Opportunities in Comilla

Freelancing Opportunities in Comilla:

Comilla is a popular city in Bangladesh and most of the people are educated in this district. The people have good knowledge about Information Technology (IT). It is a plus point for Comilla’s people. For this reason, there are growing many IT training institute in Comilla. These training institutes are very much helpful to learn how doing freelancing. There are many people who want to do work in the online marketplace, but they can’t do for lacking proper guideline. Many people in Comilla who have no work and they are suffering frustration. These people can develop their career with freelancing. They can improve their poor condition and participate in the development of Comilla city. There are also have many educated women who want to be independent financially. But it is risky to go outside of work. For this reason, they can’t do a job and can’t be independent financially. Freelancing is a greater opportunity for Comilla’s women. They can do freelancing from their home to take care their family.

There are some other facilities in Comilla which is very much important for freelancing such as:


Electricity is the most important thing for freelancing. Without electricity, we can’t use computer and internet. Comilla is a developing city in Bangladesh and electricity is available here, which is helpful in freelancing sector.


We can’t imagine freelancing without internet. We find a freelancing job through the internet. We also communicate with buyer through the internet. Internet facility in Comilla is better than other districts. It’s a positive matter for Comilla’s people.

Educated People:

Education is very much important for freelancing. Uneducated can’t do freelancing. There are most of the people are educated in Comilla. It is a great opportunity in freelancing sector.

Available IT training centre:

There are many IT training centres in Comilla which is very important for freelancing. Proper learning no one can’t do freelancing job. But a good training centre is also important. All training centres are not given proper training. So it is important to find out a good training centre.

Now a day’s freelancing is a very smart profession and many people want to develop their career in freelancing sector. Comilla is a famous city in Bangladesh. As there is electricity, internet, education, training centre, etc. all the facility is better than a district, Comilla’s people can improve their unemployment problem by doing freelancing. Comilla can also be famous in the freelancing sector in Bangladesh.


Outsourcing Training in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. Outsourcing is very popular in Bangladesh. It is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. There are many people who want to be a successful Freelancer. The freelancer is who work in online outsourcing. Online outsourcing means outsourcing through the internet in an online marketplace where buyer and seller provide their products or service. It can be contracted business with third parties.

Outsourcing Training in Bangladesh

Outsourcing Training Center in Comilla

Available online job

Bangladesh is developing Information technology (IT) sector day by day. Bangladeshi software engineers and freelancers are very much admired in the world. Bangladeshi freelancers are working in these types of online marketplaces such as Upwork, Fiverr, peoples per hour, rent a coder, digital point forum, meta filter jobs, etc. There are different types of the online job like as web design and development, software design, graphic design, Photoshop, article writing, blog creating, SEO, SMM, WordPress, journalism, editing, affiliate marketing, etc.

Freelancing in Bangladesh

Freelancing is an independent job. There is need a computer and an internet modem, no need to invest money. Just need to invest time. There are many unemployed people in our country. Outsourcing is a great opportunity for us. Outsourcing Training in Bangladesh is now the more popular topic. Green IT BD in Comilla comes with the various training program on online earning and freelancing. We can remove unemployment problem by freelancing. We can improve our economic condition. Freelancing is a good chance for developing women’s career. Women in our country face difficulties to do the job outside of the home. They can do freelancing and contribute their family. There are some chances of freelancing in Bangladesh such as:

Educated people: Education is an important thing for our freelancing. There are many educated people in our country.

Rich IT sector: IT sector of our country is very rich which is very much helpful for outsourcing.

Electricity and Internet facility: Electricity and internet are the most important things for freelancing. Electricity and internet facility of our country is much better than other countries.

The Government’s steps for increasing outsourcing:

As Bangladeshi freelancers are very popular in online marketplaces, the government takes necessary steps to increase it. These are given below:

  • Establishing training institute in every district for unemployment people.
  • Takes necessary projects for developing women’s career.
  • Takes the necessary steps for converting the large population to manpower.
  • Increasing electricity production.
  • Giving high-speed internet facility.
  • Advertising to know general people about freelancing.
  • IT related topic included in the study syllabus.
  • Giving facility to train up young generation.

Now Bangladesh is a major destination of outsourcing, which is selected by the European Commission. BASIS (Bangladesh Association for Software and Information Service), BCC (Bangladesh Computer Council), BCS (Bangladesh Computer Samity) are working to develop outsourcing sector of Bangladesh.

The government takes necessary steps to develop entrepreneurs from the freelancers. Nowadays there are many people whose dream is to become a freelancer. Freelancing not only removing our unemployment problem but also improving our economic condition. Bangladesh earning million of foreign currency every year, we can increase it if we work properly. The buyer of the different country very much like to work with Bangladeshi freelancers and they appreciate our work. Finally, we can say that future trends of outsourcing are very much bright in Bangladesh.