Freelancing Opportunities in Comilla


Freelancing is an independent business process by which a person who is self-employed and not committed to particular work for a long time. Basically freelancing is an online job in the online marketplace. We can do it from our home, no need to go out if we have a computer and internet connection. There are different types of job in online marketplaces such as web design, graphic design, SEO, SMM, Blogging, article writing, WordPress, CSS, Data entry, Photoshop, Content Writing, Website Administration, etc. The popular online marketplaces are Odesk, Elance, Guru, people per hour, Fiverr, etc.

Freelancing Opportunities in Comilla

Freelancing Opportunities in Comilla:

Comilla is a popular city in Bangladesh and most of the people are educated in this district. The people have good knowledge about Information Technology (IT). It is a plus point for Comilla’s people. For this reason, there are growing many IT training institute in Comilla. These training institutes are very much helpful to learn how doing freelancing. There are many people who want to do work in the online marketplace, but they can’t do for lacking proper guideline. Many people in Comilla who have no work and they are suffering frustration. These people can develop their career with freelancing. They can improve their poor condition and participate in the development of Comilla city. There are also have many educated women who want to be independent financially. But it is risky to go outside of work. For this reason, they can’t do a job and can’t be independent financially. Freelancing is a greater opportunity for Comilla’s women. They can do freelancing from their home to take care their family.

There are some other facilities in Comilla which is very much important for freelancing such as:


Electricity is the most important thing for freelancing. Without electricity, we can’t use computer and internet. Comilla is a developing city in Bangladesh and electricity is available here, which is helpful in freelancing sector.


We can’t imagine freelancing without internet. We find a freelancing job through the internet. We also communicate with buyer through the internet. Internet facility in Comilla is better than other districts. It’s a positive matter for Comilla’s people.

Educated People:

Education is very much important for freelancing. Uneducated can’t do freelancing. There are most of the people are educated in Comilla. It is a great opportunity in freelancing sector.

Available IT training centre:

There are many IT training centres in Comilla which is very important for freelancing. Proper learning no one can’t do freelancing job. But a good training centre is also important. All training centres are not given proper training. So it is important to find out a good training centre.

Now a day’s freelancing is a very smart profession and many people want to develop their career in freelancing sector. Comilla is a famous city in Bangladesh. As there is electricity, internet, education, training centre, etc. all the facility is better than a district, Comilla’s people can improve their unemployment problem by doing freelancing. Comilla can also be famous in the freelancing sector in Bangladesh.

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